SCENE 1: 18 severe swats- From the "St. Andrew's Preparatory Academy" series. Jennifer grabs her ankles for 18 full force licks with a wooden paddle.
Punishment: 18 severe swats, over jeans.

SCENE 2: 19 Minutes, Non-Stop Spanking-376 Total Swats
Part 1 Punishment: 48 strokes, wide punishment strap, Bare Bottom
Part 2 Punishment: 183 strokes, small wooden paddle, otk, bare bottom
(this paddle is broken on her bottom)
Part 3 Punishment: 144 Very Severe Strokes with large hairbrush paddle. This portion of the punishment is as hard as we have ever seen on video.
Part 4 Punishment: Cornertime

SCENE 3: 12 Minutes- 36 Total Swats
Part 1 Punishment: 10 hard swats, wooden paddle, over skirt
Part 2 Punishment: 6 hard swats, wooden paddle, over panties
Part 3 Punishment: 20 severe swats, wooden paddle, bare bottom

SCENE 4: 36 Minutes, Non-Stop Spanking- 581 Total Swats
Part 1 Punishment: Every implement here is used full force on Jennifer's bare bottom. This video is not for the faint at heart.
Part 2 Punishment: 352 Strokes with Various Leather Implements
Part 3 Punishment: 229 Swats with Various Wooden Implements