Best of Kahty Title
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DVD Description

Watch as this beautiful young flower blossoms into an obedient woman. Kathy has always been one of our favorite and most popular models. She truly arrived on our door, straight from the midwest, wanting to know what all this spanking was about. Mr. M, Lady D. and Coach were all more than happy to show her.

DVD Features
Scene Descriptions
Punishment Profile
Scene 1
See Kathy in her very first spanking, in her Punishment Profile.
Scene 2
Before bedtime, Lady D spanks Kathy hard with her hand in the OTK position.
Faces I
Scene 3
Ms. Baker spanks Kathy with a variety of implements for our faces series.
Bare Breast Strapping
Scene 4
Kathy's breasts are bared and her bottom strapped.
The Belt
Scene 5
When Kathy puts a dent in the car, Lady D spanks her good with the belt.
Faces II
Scene 6
Kathy is spanked to tears with several leather straps.
School Strokes
Scene 7
Kathy bends over for 10 strokes of the cane until she is in tears.
Faces III
Scene 8
Kathy and Michelle are paddled with the lexan until their bottoms bruise.
Leather Paddle
Scene 9
Kathy is spanked hard by Lady D for dressing inappropriately.
Good Ol' Hand
Scene 10
Mr. M spanks Kathy hard with his hand in the OTK position until she cannot take anymore.